About us

We are women. We are strong, but also fragile inside.

We search for inspiration in strong women, who run ultra-marathons and long trail runs such as
Lenka Vacval.

We admire Lucy Walker, who in 1871 wearing her favorite long dress and hobnail boots, as a proper Victorian lady, sat smiling on the Matterhorn. She was the first woman on this summit of this icon

We als admire beautiful and brave Vlasta Štáflová, the female Czech mountaineer and writer, who in
1929 climbed the Needle of Mount Patria hidden in the High Tatras. This unique needle of Mount
Patria was later named for here, Vlasta´s tower.

Because through the years, women from different generations and locations have proven their
strength and independence.

And the strong women in Čičmany painted a white geometrical
ornamentation on their houses. To protect them against the effect of sunrays. To keep them for the

And we admire Coco Chanel, who once said: „ Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.“

Who we are?
We are authentic. We proofed and experienced everything we offer. We share with you our story,
and our manual, everything, which helped us to move forward. We share also a hope that everything
is possible and you are an architect of your own fortune.
We are active. Running, hiking, yoga, fitness are integral parts of our lives. We know this feeling of
victory and huge power after running a marathon or climbing the highest mountains.
We are amusing. We share our stories, we will cheer you up, and motivate you.
We are local. We know secret places and the unknown corners, even undiscovered by Lonely Planet
or GoogleStreetView. We know unbeaten forest paths and burbling steams.
We are professional. We are certificated fitness and running coaches, and certificated travel guides.

We are here for you!
Always yours
Gabriela & Valeria