Lost and found: The ridge tour of the Malá Fatra Mountains

It was March. A hike through the rough and slumbering gorge, the Jánošík Holes, was melancholic. In the Medzirozsutce saddle the dense white fog of the Malá Fatras rolled down and enveloped everything in silence. We only sensed Malý Rozsutec Mountain, lurking, waiting, somewhere in front of us. 

Finally, we found the marked hiking path which leads to its summit.

Returning, we lost ourselves in the forest. 

We rambled, sank into the snow, slipped on the ice. We were frozen solid. 

Just before darkness touched the ground, we found the path along a stream which led us out of the snowy forest to Terchová village. 

On the main ridge of the Malá Fatra Mountains you won´t get lost. 

When you start under the Starhrad Castle, the older brother of the famous Strečno Castle, hovering over the Váh river, you will feel its powerful magic wave which brings you to Zázrivá village. 

60 km away. In hiking boots, surmountable within three days, in running shoes, within one. 

Our 25km hike started in Štefanová, a part of Terchová, named after the Roman soldier, Terchius. 

The green marked hiking path took us to the Medziholie saddle where we could see the ridge, reminiscent of a horse’s back.  

The red marked hiking path headed to the 1,607 m high Stoh Mountains, once covered with forest, today grassy because of deforesting for sheep pastures. 

From the height of 1,600 m we descended to 1,300 m, only to climb again to the Poludňový Grúň Mountain through the tangles of blueberries and raspberries.

Behind us we sensed Veľký Rozsutec Mountain, a king of Malá Fatra Mountains. 

This monumental stony town where Juraj Jánošík, the Slovak hero, hid his treasure, is magical!  

From Poludňový Grúň Mountain we continued up and down through the rolling stones to Chleb Mountain.

There we admired views of two rounded green beauties, Malý Kriváň and Veľký Kriváň Mountains. 

We also prized a view of the turquoise-colored Šútovské jazero lake, reminiscent of movies about the old west.  

After landing, while waiting for our luggage in front of the belt at the airport, we always worry whether our luggage made the trip with us.

Or if it maybe landed somewhere else and is sitting in a distant “Lost and Found Office”.

While hiking in the mountains, we sometimes lost the marked path and found places incredible and unwilling beautiful, full of magic.  

Each lost means a new found. 

We often lose fear and anxiety. But we find bravery. More bravery. 

Or maybe the biggest of all losses and founds is love. 

For new adventures. 

Gabriela Psotková and Valéria Polovková

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