Lucky number seven: Eleven 700m+ mountains of the Small Carpathians

The week has seven days, seven were the ancient wonders of the world. Rainbows have seven colours. We
know the seven deadly sins. And the music scale has seven tones.
The number seven appears on Cristiano Ronaldo´s back.
The Magnificent Seven stood tall in the classic western movie, and the Japanese have The Seven Samurai.
Seven was always the number of alchemists and magicians.
And the magical Small Carpathians have 700 m+ mountains. Eleven of them.
When you think you know this tiny mountain range, which surrounds the Slovak capital, Bratislava, in
detail, you maybe inspired to embark upon a long hike. A long distance hike, which is born for the long
summer days. On these days the early mornings are full of singing birds, and in late evenings you can listen
to musical crickets giving a concert on a meadow stage.
You will start in Smolenice early in the morning.
When the sunrays illuminate the fairy-tale Smolenice castle, and the trees in its English park shad their coat
of morning dew, you will tighten your hiking boots and prepare yourself to for an epic hike.
Passing the only waterfall in the Small Carpathians, Občasný vodopád, which shows its beauty exclusively in
the spring, and thought the Čertov žľab gorge, you will reach your first stop, Havranica mountain. Near this
peak, a famous climbing spot, Havrania skala rock, is located, the Mekka of Trnava´s climbers. It was here,
that Ľubos Stacho practised before meeting his death on the highest mountains of the world. Each year a
11 km long foot race from Smolenice to Havranica is organized, the Stachov memorial. To remember him.
The beautiful rocky ridge will lead you to the king of the Small Carpathians, Záruby mountain. Only a short
bypass from the main hiking path will show you Čelo mountain, and the Hačova jaskyňa cave. This 660 m
long cave is one of the longest caves in the region. But closed for all curious visitors! From Čelo mountain
a smaller rocky ridge ends on the fourth 700m+ mountain of the Small Carpathians, Veterlín. A hike on this
ridge is amazing! With many wonderful views of Záruby, and Ostrý Kameň Castle, the highest castle here.
Veterlín and Záruby are windy, reminiscent of the secret atmosphere of long distance trails, a proof of your
The hiking path to Veterlín is surrounded by rocks. These white rocks are very significant for this mountain
range. Thereafter you will descend to the crossroad, where you can change directions and explore Čierna
skala mountain, or just continue to the former hunting castle Mon Repos, once a property of the noble
Pálffy family, whose coat of arms has been taken to represent Bratislava county.
The idyllic Amon meadow, named after Gáži Ámon, the Huncokar, shows you the way to Klokoč mountain.
On its peak a wooden cross laden with nails stands. And in it you may drive your own, leaving all your
problems and sorrows with it. And the Mesačná lúka meadow and the next rocky ridge reach are on the
way to Vápenná mountain, the most beautiful peak of the Small Carpathians. Here you will admire this
magnificent view of rounded hills touching the blue sky. And then, the Skalka saddle and yellow coloured
Taricove skaly rocks are waiting for you. And the next peak, Vysoká mountain, the smaller brother of the
2,429 m high Eastern Vysoká in the High Tatras.
Veľká Homola mountain has an observatory tower. And it is located above Zochova chata, a part of Modra,
the home of Small Carpathians wines. Already here in the 19th century were trips organized as a social
activity for the upper classes.
From here through the famous barbeque place, Čermáková lúka, you will reach the summit of Skalnatá with
its lonely and photogenic tree. Where you can camp and watch the sunrise.
The ninth 700 m+ mountain is Čertov kopec, pretty high, but absolutely lost in the shadow of trees and
rolling stones. Javorina mountain looks similar, it is also hidden in the forest. And the last mountain is
Čmelok capped with a green military antenna.

11 hours, 55 km, and with a change in altitude of +3,000 m.
This is the Small Carpathians 700 m+ club.
Each peak has its own story and an unique atmosphere.
Záruby is wide-branched, Vysoká and Vápenná are the beauties, Čelo and Veterlín are inaccessible. Veľká
Homola is a famous rock star, Skalnatá, the most romantic. And Čertov kopec and Javorina are lonely.
The number seven is considered to be a symbol of God, wisdom, and knowledge.
And when it is combined with eleven, the number of champions, an excellent harmony is made.