Spring camp Liptov in Low Tatras

15.03.2024 – 17.03.2024

Jarný kemp Nízke Tatry
Kemp Liptov - Nízke Tatry

Three days full of running, power workouts, stretching and relaxing, hiking, healthy food, and walking in the forest.

  • 2x accommodation in a wonderful Liptovský Mlyn in Liptovská Teplá near to the romantic Liptovská Mara water reservoir, the largest artificial reservoir in Slovakia, with the view of the peaks of Low Tatras, the second most popular hiking area in Slovakia
  • 2x half-board
  • 5 hours of running & power workouts
  • hiking in the Low Tatras National Park, which is located below its bigger brother High Tatras. It features dense untouched forests, breathtaking views, brisk waterfalls, lifeful fauna
  • all around running (diagnostics, technique, breathing exercises, tips and hints)
  • basic of the cold therapy
  • core and pelvic floor activating

The price of the camp is €330*

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Hiking & running camp

When we decided to explore the Liptov region years ago, we didn´t know what awaited us. It was an equation with many unknown parameters.
The solution included a hike of more than 100 km.
We discovered an amazing region at the heart of Slovakia surrounded by the majestic mountains and deep forests.
We discovered Poludnica
, a mountain of the Low Tatras, seduces you for the first time when you reach its top. With its beauty.
And for the second time when you run on it. With its wildness and inaccessibility.
Its name is connected with the sun, and noon. The locals noticed that when the sun stood over its summit, it was noon.
This mountain is 1,548 m high and is surrounded by the Iľanovská dolina valley from the west and Jánska dolina valley from the east.
It is this latter valley, that is one the oldest protected areas in Slovakia and one of the longest valleys in the Low Tatras.
Here you can see many swallow holes, mineral springs, and caves. Here the Bystrá stream wells forth.
It is exactly this rollicking Bystrá, which flows into the Belá river in the Liptovská kotlina basin. The wild Belá, which each year changes its course, and where you can experience the best rafting of your life.
And here you can also find the Stanišovská jaskyňa cave.
It is exactly this pure and virgin cave, which you will discover via headlamp.

The most beautiful mountains are those which we haven´t yet conquered, once said Boris Filan, a famous Slovak writer.

We often cannot name beauty.
We feel the beauty.
We can feel it in a wild and inaccessible forest.
We sense it in the chaos of the twisted roots.
And also in the symmetry of their leaves.

Poludnica or Lady Midday, was a mythic and demonic spirit, appeared as a wonderful femme fatale.
Poludnica, the mountain, a symbol of the Liptov region, is beautiful in its imperfection.

It is not as high and majestic as Gerlach, the highest Slovak mountain.
It is not as monumental as Kriváň, Baníkov, or Veľký Rozsutec.
But from here, you can admire the surrounding beauty. And that makes it special.
And exactly here, on this magical place, you will find the eternal youth
, beauty, health, and power hidden in the hard training!

We will take you there!

Let´s spend three days full of running, power workouts, stretching, hiking, wellness, healthy food and walking in the forest with us!

What awaits you?

  • 3x running sessions for beginners and intermediates including breathing, warm-up, dynamic stretching, running alphabet
  • 3x power workouts including core and pelvic floor activating
  • Stretching, relaxation and meditation
  • All around running (diagnosis, technique, breathing exercises etc.)
  • hiking in the amazing Low Tatras National Park
  • Beautiful and stylish accommodation in Liptovský Mlyn located in the beautiful scenery of the Low Tatras near to the shores of Liptovská Mara reservoir with the view of majestic Chopok, the highest mountain of the Low Tatras
  • half-board in the healthy form from local products
  • discussions about the woman health and trainings for women
  • inspiring and motivating atmosphere, new friendships


1. day
  • 14:00: Arrival, check-in Liptovský Mlyn, welcome drink
  • 14:15: Evening running and workout for beginners and intermediates with the views of the surrounded mountains
  • 17:30: Dinner in the stylish restaurant of the Liptovský Mlyn
2. day
  • 07:00: Morning running and workout for beginners and intermediates
  • 08:00: Breakfast in the stylish restaurant of the Liptovský Mlyn
  • 09:00: Hiking in the amazing and majestic Low Tatras National Park
  • 17:30: Dinner in the stylish restaurant of the Liptovský Mlyn
  • 19:00: Evening stretching, relaxing, and meditation
3. day
  • 07:00: Morning intensive running and workout for beginners and intermediates
  • 09:30: Breakfast in the stylish restaurant of the Liptovský Mlyn
  • 10:00: Check-out and departure


15.03.2024 – 17.03.2024

*Price: €330.00/person

(accommodation in a double room, in case of a single use, an additional payment of 90,00 eur)

What is included?

  • 2x accommodation in a double room including local taxes
  • 2x half-board
  • 3x running including stretching and relaxation with the certified instructors
  • 3x power workouts including core and pelvic floor activating
  • Guided stretching, relaxing, and meditation
  • basic of the cold therapy
  • All around running (diagnosis, technique, breathing exercises etc.)
  • Hiking in the Low Tatras National Park with the certified guides and instructors
  • Local transfers

What is not included in price?

  • Travelling costs
  • Travelling insurance for the sport and mountains

Additional information

  • Limited to 12 people
  • A place is guaranteed after the full payment.
  • Subject to program change.

Location & Surroundings

Liptov is a unique region in the north of Slovakia, characterized by a charming variety of the nature in a small territory, a contrast of high peaks and green meadows and pastureland, which managed to create the largest natural playfield of relaxation and fun in Slovakia.


Double-room in the stylish Liptovský Mlyn. Liptovsky Mlyn was created by the reconstruction of a historic mill with a water wheel from 1879. In the interior you will find the original stone walls, rustic solid wood or tiles in the Provence style in accordance with the industrial elements of metal and glass. You can enrich your stay in Liptov with a tasting of quality Slovak and Moravian wines in the stylish wine cellar, while beer lovers will enjoy the self-service bar. To increase comfort, the mill building was equipped with underfloor heating, an air exchange system with heat recovery and a high-speed internet connection.

For more information please visit the website.

Getting There


You can fly to the following airports:
Airport Vienna (320 km)
Airport Bratislava (260 km)
Airport Budapest (250 km)
Airport Poprad (60 km)
Airport Katowice (220 km)
Airport Krakow (170 km)

Flights from Europa.
Car rental available.
For groups from 8 persons we can manage a minibus transfer (on request)


You can also use a car. Slovakia has very good highways network. You can use the hotel car parking with electric car charging stations and a bicycle rental or storage service and hand washing.


You can also use a train, Slovakia has a very good train connection. You will travel to Ružomberok oder Liptovský Mikuláš, where you can be picked up (on request).