Crete in October - active and adventurous

Running and hiking camp – Spilia Village Kréta

29.09.2024 - 06.10.2024

Vaga kem, Kreta, Joga

The most beautiful, most fragrant and most active Greek island.
The place where European civilization was born.
Experience Crete as you have never seen it before – 8 days that will change your life.

8 days packed with hiking, running and strength training, power yoga, stretching, beach and sea, healthy food
and a great Cretan atmosphere!

  • 7x accommodation in a luxury villa with private pool at the beautiful 4* Spilia Village Hotel & Villas with views
    of the olive grove and vineyards
  • 7x half board (rich breakfast and three-course dinner)
  • 3x hiking
  • 10 hours of training
  • Running diagnostics, running technique, different types of running training
  • Intensive workouts for core and pelvic floor
  • Sunset power yoga on the beach in the evening
  • Meditation, relaxation and anti-stress breathing techniques
  • Relaxation on beautiful beaches
  • Inspiring atmosphere of the most authentic place on Crete
  • Also for solo travelers

The price is 1 400,00 €

We still have space for: 1

Hiking & running camp

And so one day we got off the plane in Crete. It was our first time here and we didn’t know what to expect. Since then, we have returned to this beautiful Greek island several times. And each time we have discovered something new. 

Crete is exactly the place you want to return to again and again because you leave a piece of your heart behind here, not only that of travelers, but especially that of hikers and runners. 
The sea on the island is so clear that in some places you can see up to 40 meters below the surface. The mountains here are so majestically high that they need not even blush in front of the Alps!

The central part of the island is characterized by several mountain systems with massive peaks and steep valleys. The Cretan mountains are mostly made of limestone, there are almost 3,000 caves, many gorges and canyons.

Zeus, the god of all gods, is said to have been born in one of these caves and a piece of divinity still lives here. It was here that Zeus abducted the Phoenician princess Europa, with whom he fathered a son, Minous, the first European. 

It was on Crete that Ariadne spun her yarn and Daedalus constructed wings so that he and his son Icarus could ascend to the clouds.

Crete is the only Greek island with a distinctly mountainous character. This is due to the four mountain ranges of Lefka Ori (White Mountains), Ida, Dikti and Sitia, which look like proud mountains. The landscape here is diverse, the contrast between the mighty mountains, the beautiful sea that washes the white, pink or black beaches, the alternation of mountain ranges and plateaus and the omnipresent ancient history and the great Italian influence cannot be overlooked. Here, the best of Italian and Greek gastronomy is combined, you will taste the best dishes, and after each meal you will be brought a bottle of grappa, which is called raki here.

Many parts of the world gathered here in just one place, on this one island: crystal clear water and endless blue, monumental mountains, archeological monuments, the cities and villages with their simplicity, smile of the people, the old doors to the Arabic tradition, unique sunsets.! This place has everything!

Lefka Ori or „Cretan Alps“ is the largest limestone massif in Crete with the second highest peak in Crete – Pachnes, which is 2,453 meters high. Here you will also find more than 58 peaks higher than 2,000 meters. There are several mountain huts that give you the feeling of being in the Alps or the Dolomites. And in winter there is more than two meters of snow from 1,000 m above sea level. 

Lefka Ori is characterized by gorges. There are more than 50 of them. The famous and breathtaking Samaria, one of the longest gorges in Europe, and the somewhat shorter and wilder Imbros and Agia Irini gorges are located here.

And that’s exactly where we’re going, to the west of Crete! 

Exactly where Crete is at its most authentic! 
We stay in the picturesque village of Spilia, surrounded by olive trees, where the scent of oranges is omnipresent and time stands still for a moment. 
Did you know that the famous Greek doctor Hippocrates prescribed the air of Crete as a miracle cure for many ailments? And did you also know that the average Cretan consumes more than 30 liters of olive oil per year?

Here we will welcome the days with a workout and a run, enjoy the sun and the sea on the beach or by the romantic hotel pool, here we will discover the famous mountains where the gods still live, here we will also experience the real Greek atmosphere and hospitality. 

Do not hesitate! Join us! Where would you like to start running and hiking if not here!

What can you expect?

  • 4x running training sessions for beginners with breathing exercises, preparation, dynamic stretching, running ABC

  • 4x strength training for beginners with pelvic floor training and core training

  • 3x power yoga, meditation and relaxation

  • Relaxation on beautiful beaches

  • Running diagnostics, running technique, breathing technique

  • 3x hiking on the most beautiful Greek island, Crete

  • Stylish and idyllic accommodation at Spilia Village Hotel & Villas with views of the surrounding Cretan mountain peaks

  • Half board in a healthy way with local products



29.09.2024 - 06.10.2024

Accommodation: 4* Spilia Village Hotel & Villas

The stunning 4* Spilia Village Hotel & Villas is located in the picturesque village of Spilia, which will enchant you at first sight with its traditional Cretan atmosphere. 
Spilia Village Hotel & Villas is a unique accommodation, combining traditional and modern elements with a luxury touch that highlights the intense charm of a bygone era. The hotel and the villas are located in the center of an authentic Cretan village, which has kept most of its traditional architectural element intact for more than 400 years.
It is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. At the same time, the scent of the omnipresent oranges and lemons wafts through the air.

The beautiful beach is located in the nearby town of Kolymbari, where you will also find numerous tavernas and bars as well as plenty of shopping opportunities.

You can also find out more about the hotel and the surrounding area here:


Day 1
We arrive in Chania, the largest city in Crete. On a winding and picturesque road under the mountains and above the sea, between tall cypresses and colorful oleanders, we get in the mood for this divine island. We spend the night in the picturesque village of Spilia, at the Spilia Village Hotel & Villas, our base camp for the next few days. Upon arrival, we enjoy a welcome drink and a fantastic dinner. You don’t yet know what to expect, but you are curious and very excited about new experiences.

Day 2
We start this day with a morning fitness and running workout. You run under the olive trees for the first time, past the vineyards. Here you pause for a moment. You look out over the nearby sea. The sound of a church bell will reach you from a distance and as you breathe in, the scent of oranges will fill your nose. And on the way back you will pick one from the tree. 
After breakfast, we go to the beach. Here we enjoy the wonderfully clear sea and the beautiful beach. 
And we spend the evening doing power yoga on the beach, meditating and visualizing the next day. What will it be like?

Day 3
Early in the morning we drive to the village of Xyloskalo in the Lefka Ori Mountains, also known as the Cretan Alps. And here we will spend a day full of beauty and wonder! A full-day hike through the 18 km long Samaria Gorge awaits us. It is one of the most impressive and picturesque areas of the island.
The gorge cuts through rock faces that are between 200 and 2,300 meters high. Here we will be able to admire the most beautiful Cretan cypresses. Here we meet the last wild goats, called Agrimi or Kri-Kri by the Cretans. We pass the deserted village of Samaria, where there is a church dating back to the 14th century. We reach the coastal village of Agia Rouméli, where we swim in the beautiful waters of the Libyan Sea. We return to the bus by boat, and in the evening, over dinner or while relaxing by the pool, we will remember the beautiful day with a smile on our faces.

Day 4
Today we will do another morning fitness and running workout. This will include dynamic stretching exercises and popular exercises for the core and pelvic floor. After breakfast, we head to the beach to enjoy a beautiful Cretan sunny day. 
We end the day with power yoga on the beach with a view of the sea and the setting sun, breathing techniques and meditation to prepare for the next hike.

Day 5
Today we will spend the day in the mountains. The Imbross Gorge is supposedly more beautiful than Samaria! Is it really? The gorge originally connected Chania and Sfakia and was the scene of various battles during the Turkish occupation in 1821 and 1867. Along the way, we will be able to admire cypresses, oaks and Cretan maple trees. But also the red-colored rock arch, the Xepitira Arch. In the evening we will have dinner. And what will you do then? Go to a local taverna in the square, perhaps with live Greek music, or to a taverna under the plane trees. It’s up to you!

Day 6
Agia Irini is wild and rugged, but “Irini” means tranquillity. And that is exactly the tranquillity we are looking for on this day. We explore the gorge where almost nobody goes. Here we will cross the rocks and lift our heads to the high walls, where we may discover a cave.
In a local taverna, a smiling Greek prepares souvlaki, a delicious salad and a hearty soup. A real Greek lunch that we will enjoy under the olive trees. Did you know that there are more than a million olive trees on Crete? 
Before dinner, we explore the village of Frangokastelo with its romantic ruins of a Venetian fortress dating back to 1371. Here, between the massive walls, we will hear the voices of the mysterious knights who are said to appear every year on May 17 shortly after sunrise. In the nearby village of Sougia, we can enjoy the sight of the dark waves of the Libyan Sea.

Day 7
In the morning, we wake up again to the sound of birdsong, tie the laces of our sneakers and walk between the olive and orange trees. Once again we meet local farmers who call out “kalimera” to us. Once again we will feel the wind in our hair and the freedom in our hearts.
We will spend this day relaxing on the beach with a big smile on our faces. We feel better and better. You don’t know what it is, but it’s true. And you like it.  
We’ll do power yoga on the beach and meditation, relax by the pool and have endless conversations over a glass of delicious Greek wine before dinner.

Day 8
Last morning fitness and running workout, last stop on a hill between olive trees overlooking the sea. 
After breakfast, we pack our bags and head to Chania to stroll through the romantic alleys and soak up the atmosphere of this divine island a little longer. How do you feel? Fantastic! Would you like to come back? Definitely!

*Price: 1 400,00 € / person

(accommodation in a double room in a luxury villa with private pool and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains)

What is included?

    • 7x overnight stay in a double room in a luxury villa with private pool including local tax

    • 7x rich homemade half board

    • 4x running training with breathing, warm-up, dynamic stretching, running ABC

    • 4x strength training with pelvic floor training and core training

    • 3x power yoga, meditation and relaxation

    • Running diagnostics, running basics and technique, breathing technique

    • 3x hiking on Crete, the most beautiful and adventurous Greek island

    • Relaxation on the beautiful beaches of Crete

    • All local transfers

    • All entrance fees to the national parks of Crete

What is not included in price?

  • Travel costs / flight ticket (please fly to Chania, from where the transfer will be organized)

  • Travel insurance

Additional information

  • Small groups of women (max. 10 people)

  • The place is guaranteed after full payment.

  • The program is subject to change.