Gone with a wind: Malacky a Korlátko

This great Passat wind is blowing above the Canary islands again. It stretches the sails and kites, it dresses
windsurfers and kite surfers to wetsuits.
In the Alps, the ski tourers clip the skis on when the Alpine föhn blows and accompanies them on their snow
The winter monsoon brings snow and joy to free riders on the Japanese Island, Hokkaido.
And the hot Mediterranean wind sirocco leaves the Saharan sand on windows and doors.
And how is the wind in Slovakia?
Where is this region of wind, pine forests and sand dunes?
Where is this amazing region, which is thanks to favourable location and good weather condition one of the
oldest occupied regions in Slovakia?
And where is this region of rounded hills, long winding roads, paradise for runners, cyclists, hikers, mushroom-
picker and bikers?
This region is located only a while from Bratislava. And its name is Záhorie. Or Processus transmontanus as
a name for the territory situated behind the Small Carpathians, „behind the mountains“.
And its centre is Malacky, a town spread in the southern part of Záhorská nížina lowland, between the Morava
river and the Small Carpathians.
The town, which protected the important Via Magna trade road, was mentioned in 1206. In its Renaissance,
later Classicistic manor house surrounded by the huge English park with rare woods, the noble Pálffy family has
lived for 300 years. They also built a monastery, church with the chapel where you can admire the Scala Sancta.
A set of 28 white marble steps, originally leading up to the praetorium of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem on which
Jesus Christ stepped on his way to trial during his Passion. The Stairs reputedly were brought to Rome by Saint
Helena in the 4th century. The steps may only be climbed on one´s knees.
And a short while from Malacky is the Korlátko castle. The Gothic castle, the only castle in Slovakia accessible
downhills, was built in the 13th century to protect the Bohemian trade road. A 10 minutes walks through the
meadow and forest will lead you the castle ruins. The melancholic atmosphere of the rounded tower, rests of
the palace and bastion will steal your heart. You will let this atmosphere to guide you among the walls, listen to
the stories about two angry brothers and thievish knights, until you will reach the platform on the top.
There you will admire views of the Small Carpathians and 4 windmills of the only wind park in Slovakia.
The castle ruins are sometimes depressive, especially in winter. Their gone fame is documented with the strong
walls with flowers trying to hack way. And with the wind blowing inside and taking the small parts of history to
the new unknown places.
The wind.
A phenomenon connected with change, distance, freedom and easiness.
It makes space for words and thoughts, possibilities, imaginations and connections.
With a good wind we can carried on a magical wave of success. The wind in our hair can ruffle our thoughts.
And while running headlong we discover the power and energy.